Serious Fashion Watches: high fashion meets haute horology at Dior, Louis Vuitton and Chanel

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Maria Dolton: Ladies' watches are not just a time-fixing tool but tell us a lot about The era in which we live So it is natural to be inspired by fashion companies From her archive of creations when it comes to designing watches

And more than it does Cachanel and Dior Vuitton are all present at Baselworld In Louis Vuitton watches we saw a V letter of LV logo clearly visible on the disc in style Much like the frilly shape, this is inspired directly by the summer collection of Nicola Giscayer's 2015 Which was unveiled earlier this year in Paris Here, thanks to the use of black or red paint And 268 pieces of diamonds, the embossed effect has been reinstated on the disc to illustrate that the elegance that appears on the The display platform can be represented by the clock The life of Gabriel Chanel remains the driving force behind Chanel I think that given the flying hour of the Camellia Tourbillon of Chanel, we find it Brilliantly combining elements that closely reflect Chanel's personality and her life The clock is like a clock The fact of the geometric shape of the Vandum Square is also similar to the tupine camellia flower It is a favorite Chanel flower so we have a brilliant way to embody The heritage of the company and even the world of watchmaking industry, it is from The elegance is perfectly to wear something very upscale and is, I think, the most important factor for Gabriel Chanel

These three hours of the Grand Palm Infol inspired by the designer Dior in 1948 The so-called Infol, as is often the case with most of Mr Dior's work, is characterized by its high engineering design The pendants are wonderfully designed and available in multiple sizes When you look at the clock tablets you can see The attractive effect of a fluffy dress spins on a dance floor thanks to this The rotating part of the dial is decorated with pearl sweat And colored stones, as well as the wonderful material beneath the rotor that looks like already Wings of the Scarlet Beetle If I want to always see everything that happens in World of Jewelry Watches, please visit my website at thejewelleryeditorcom

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