Louis Vuitton watches: new ladies’ watches fuse fashion and horology

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Maria Dalton: I came to Basel and visited Louis Vuitton in this beautiful villa, they are here I exhibited my 2015 watch portfolio and I admire the lady here

Watch What is especially striking to me is that these watches really caught Louis Vuitton The magic essence of the style We all know that the Louis Vuitton handbag has a magical appeal Of course, there are colors and innovations on the T-stage, as well as Louis Vuitton in the production of luggage

A household history Inherited from the designs designed by Louis Vuitton creative director Nicolas Ghesquière, I don't think there is anything better than a Chevron watch, he was in his 2015 summer This pattern is used in wearable combinations As the trend of small watches is gradually accepted, Louis Vuitton launched two really small watches this year, named Tambour Monogram Bijou The surfaces of these watches have a very rich, deeply etched, sunny pattern

If you move the watch a little, its grooves and ridges, as well as extreme The combination of beautiful letters and patterns will shine You will recognize that the strap is used Made from the famous Epi leather that is common on Louis Vuitton handbags Bijou Riviere Undoubtedly the most dazzling star, this watch is set with more than 600 diamonds On the new Emprise watch, history, fashion and watchmaking blend together, the style of the case Directly from the suitcase and its various details, such as copper wrap angle, but we also Seeing the bright, thick twill blue, it's so hot, Nicolas Ghesquière in its recent It is used in the T-stage display The Malletage edition uses the one we used to be in the early days

The quilted pattern seen inside the Louis Vuitton suitcase The most spectacular thing is of course to stay until the end, Tambour Monogram Sun Tourbillon is The finest craftsmanship in the watchmaking industry and the exquisite blend of Louis Vuitton style Its core is a rotating mechanism Its caliber is LV80, completely named in Louis Vuitton's Geneva-based company Made in the workshop of La Fabrique du Temps

It shows exactly, Exquisite watchmaking doesn't have to be serious and rigid It can also be dazzling or very fashionable If you want to stay up-to-date on the new world of jewellery and watchmaking, please visit My website: thejewelleryeditorcom

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