【Frugal Fashion】 What about the low-end Mechanical Watches?

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What is up everybody welcome to the first edition of frugal fashion and today we're talking watches More specifically this watch, and this watch is a naked or skeleton mechanical watch and I wanted to make this first edition about watches because I believe watches are one of the most Important fashion article that a man can wear we don't need it We all have a phone in our pocket that we can check the time with but it is one of the most iconic fashion article that a man can wear It's not uncommon to see good-looking watches at a price range exceeding two hundred dollars, but what about the lower end? How well would it stand up against a two hundred dollar watch? Alright, let's compare this watch This is a twenty five dollar watch that I found on Amazon I'll put a link in the description if you're interested How well would it stand against a two hundred dollar watch well for starters the wristband is cheap It's clearly leatherette or some fake leather

It's probably gonna crack in no time also the glass probably gonna scratch the I've noticed the pins that holds the Wristband is it's cheap It's thin It's probably gonna break in no time the metal of the watch itself It's probably not the highest quality metal It's probably not a rust or will get prone to scratches or stuff like that Also, it's not waterproof Even though it's a mechanical watch, so I don't know what would happen if you went underwater with it and if I would do some permanent damage because this operates without batteries, it's one of those watches that you have to crank the pin on the side to Put some tension on the mainspring that will Transfer its energy to the balance wheel as you can see moving you can see it on the side? This is what makes the watch work Even with all these downside this watch is still beautiful And you could get eight of these watches for the price of one $200 watch so would I recommend it Yeah, it's one of those things that you can just add to your outfit I'll bring it up to a new level to a next level You can easily throw it out or get rid of it or just put it away once it gets too worn out Without feeling too bad cuz you paid $25 for it Worst case scenario if the wristband is too damaged you can probably easily change it Alright guys, thanks for watching and please leave a comment if you think I should have done something better and if you do like the video please subscribe Or simply like the video Thank you


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